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Q: Real goats?

A: Real goats. It’s just a fun thing where kids and grownups can hang out with goats at the park.

Q: What have been comments about the park?

A: Last year at the end of the season we put out surveys for our farmers’ market and movies and got a lot of good feedback. People are excited about what’s going on and the events at the park. We’ve also been able to work with Perry helping them implement Food Truck Fridays. We want the park and what we’re doing to benefit all of the county community and all of Middle Georgia, really. We’ve never seen it as just for us.

Q: When complete, what are a couple of the features and activities you have planned?

A: We’re hoping to see a 1,500-person amphitheater to use for events and concerts, and we’re looking at having a splash pad for kids to play in. We’ll open up another open greenspace area and have plans there for quite a few other activities and activity areas.

Q: Will your Fourth of July celebration as part of the county-wide cooperative effort be at the park?

A: Our Independence Day Celebration will be near the park at City Hall again this year. It will be June 29. We’re keeping it there primarily because of the availability of electricity. Next year we do hope to have it at Center Park.

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