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A: We have our town center development plan on our website and plans are also available at City Hall. Our website is at You can also go there under Events and get specific dates and times for things going on at the park. And go to Departments and then Economic Development to get more information about the park.

Q: What’s the overall purpose and mission of the park?

A: We really believe it can be an incredible resource to bring our community together, all of Houston County, and add to the quality of life here. Center Park is already a great place for families and activities and we want to continue to grow it and have it bring a greater sense of place to our community.

Q: Is it part of a larger downtown development effort?

A: Yes. Center Park at Centerville is the cornerstone of development downtown. It serves the purpose as just a fun place, it will give that greater sense of place to our area and we also see it spurring private investment, particularly to seven acres adjacent to the park property. From the beginning, the park was part of a master plan to be implemented over 10 years and part of the plan was to get it going as a passive park that could be enjoyed right away.

Q: What’s Center Park at Centerville like right now?

A: It’s an open, manicured greenspace. Seven acres of usable greenspace and we’re hoping for more as time goes on.

Q: What sorts of things can someone do there on any given day?

A: It’s an open public area people can go to walk, kick a soccer ball or throw a football or baseball around, a Frisbee—I mean, you can do about anything anyone can do in an open, manicured greenspace.

Q: You’ve developed a number of special, organized events at the park already, especially during the summer. What are some?

A: Yeah, there’s a lot going on. Some of the things we have are Food Truck Fridays the first Friday of each month and Popcorn in the Park on the third Saturdays. These are family films and popcorn is free, plus some people bring dinner and eat out on the grounds. First and third Saturdays we have Centerville Market Days, which is our farmers’ market, and also Homegrown: Yoga in the Park those days. Some of those days we also have Goat Yoga.

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