Celeb Yoga Specialist Debuts E-Book for Major #Fitspo

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Her client Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wrote the foreword.

There’s nothing like a bikini-clad Aussie yoga guru’s new book to inspire some major fitness reform in time for awards season. Los Angeles-based Claire Grieve is delivering just that with her vibrant e-book, Energize. The title features a foreword by her longtime client Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and is a clue as to what she aims to do for readers via yoga flows, plant-based recipes, mindfulness and relaxation rituals.

Working with other leading Hollywood actresses, pop stars, Victoria’s Secret models, and NFL players (including Odell Beckham Jr.), plus clients of all shapes and sizes, has given Grieve, also a stretch therapist and plant-based health coach, insight into what works in the long term. Though the fitness world is constantly being inundated by new fad workouts, she’s a strong believer in the power of an ancient practice.

“Yoga is a mind-body philosophy that has been around for thousands of years,” says Grieve. “Yoga doesn’t just tone your muscles, it completely changes the way you interact with the world. Some fitness, diet and beauty trends promise a quick fix — these are the ones that tend to go in and out of style. Yoga is an ongoing, ever-evolving practice that becomes a lifestyle.”

A hallmark of her style is her singular way of making all classes and sessions fun and uplifting. She keeps things positive, focusing on motivating not threatening clients. Fortunately, Grieve says, “People who are successful in their profession tend to bring that attitude onto the mat. My clients always bring a positive and determined mindset into the room.”

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