Ceiling-fan-reverse-switch-not-working, if it does not work, take the switch back and buy the new fan. i have seen reverse switches in the ceiling fan department of lowe's, etc. but it's just a standard dpdt slide switch rated high enough for a fan (120vac 1a or greater). don't suggest anyone buy a new fan until we've determined the problem.. If the only problem you are having with your fan is that it will not go in reverse, then it is likely an issue with the switch that puts it in reverse. problem with the remote if you are trying to put the fan into reverse with the fan and it won’t work, try holding down the reverse button for several seconds., failed switch the simple act of flipping the ceiling fan wall switch can cause the inner working of the switch to fail and leave the circuit open. you can test the continuity of the switch to....

Reverse ceiling fan using your remote. some fans have no switch on motor. easy if you know how., fans can be used in reverse at high speeds for cooling the outer walls of a room as well. while the fan is turned off, the reverse switch slides to the opposite position to change the direction of the blades when the fan is turned on again. step 1 turn off the power at the breaker box..

When a ceiling fan doesn’t work at all, the first thing to do is to make sure it is receiving electrical power from its switch and from your home’s circuit breaker or fuse box. first check the circuit breaker or fuse, then the switch. find the electrical panel that serves the ceiling fan’s circuit., hello brit1066 and welcome to the community! we are glad that you are here. the san juan fan is gorgeous (shown here in the dark finish). you are correct - the universal remote does not usually go into reverse mode because it does not have a reverse button..

Just a little video if your ceiling fan is on the fritz. if it just turns one way like mine did just bend the blades and wala fixed. gota love engineering. please donate to my paypal for trucking ..., to reverse your fan direction turn off the power switch to the fan. take a broom and hold the blades still. flick the power on and off a few times leaving the power off. wait a few second then turn the fan blades in the direction you desire then turning the power back on to the fan..

Ceiling fan is not working if your ceiling fan will not start, use the following steps to determine cause of the problem: check the circuit breaker to confirm the power is on. if the circuit breaker tripped, reset the breaker.