Can beetroot juice really aid weight loss?

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You would be forgiven in thinking that beetroot juice is just the next craze in a long line of dieting fads.

Goji berries, quinoa, the list goes on. However, while claims of being a weight loss elixir are somewhat far-fetched, beetroot juice is certainly making waves in the sporting world.

Dr Dominique Condo, of Deakin’s School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, has been a part of recent studies involving athletes consuming beetroot juice pre-workout, albeit as a performance enhancer rather than a weight loss supplement.

Although results have been encouraging, she explains why it’s best to take this latest trend with a pinch of salt.

Is there any science behind the current beetroot buzz?

‘The thought of using beetroot juice for weight loss is quite new and a real hot topic at the moment,’ Dr Condo says. ‘It stems from the literature we know about how it can assist high-intensity exercise performance.’

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