Buffalo business concerned about parking changes

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“There is so much foot traffic and people stop by all the time to say oh what is this and what do you do and they have become really great regular clients,” said Castlevetere.

With this new change Castlevetere says she is frustrated because her clients will have to pay even more money to park and take her classes.

“My business really relies on people coming regularly,” said Castlevetere, “…it”s not unheard of to come here six times a week. If they are paying for an hour long class on top of there parking, now it’s going to be up to $18 a week for them.”

The yoga studio is a new business and Castlevetere says if she had known about this parking price increase she would have chosen another location.

“I thought it was risky coming downtown and doing this kind of business in the area that I am in, but that would have 100% swayed me.”

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