Bride’s joy after groom fights back from brain injury after 25ft horror plunge

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Campbell Gibb-Stuart took his new wife’s hand, slipped the wedding band on her finger, then leaned in and whispered how much he loved her.

Hearing those words meant more than just a tender moment to bride Lucy – it was a mark of how far Campbell had come in the four years since they had got engaged.

Three weeks after proposing, Campbell plunged 25ft and suffered a brain injury that left him unable to walk or talk.

For Lucy, to have him standing at the altar saying his vows was heart-stopping.

She said: “I couldn’t believe he was able to talk and enjoy himself.

Campbell and Lucy are delighted with his continued improvement

“As he put the ring on my finger, the minister said, ‘You have to whisper something to your wife when you do this’. Campbell whispered, ‘I really love you’.”

Because Campbell’s head injury had been so severe, it had changed his character beyond recognition, making him aggressive with no social filter.

Lucy, 33, said: “I fell apart as I walked down the aisle. When I saw him, I collapsed emotionally.

“He meant his vows – I’ve not seen him be that sincere in a long time.”

When Campbell fell in 2013, he hit his head on the ground, smashing the left side of his face and shattering his knee.

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