Best Supplements For Memory, Cognition, and Mental Clarity

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We all could benefit from having a better memory, feeling more mentally alert during the day, and being able to process information quickly. But aside from doing a daily Sudoku puzzle and eating salmon at every meal (go Omega!), how do we make sure we’re staying sharp?

If you’re looking for something to give you that extra edge when you’re feeling mentally sluggish, or just want to operate at your highest function, supplements can be the difference between remembering the name of your boss’ husband at your next work function or totally blanking and not getting the promotion you’ve been waiting for.



1. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega SoftGels

Our team loves the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega SoftGels that are packed full of all the great fatty acids found in fish oil, which are imperative to healthy brain development. With added levels of DHA, Nordic Naturals also helps with eye and heart development and can improve your mood. These soft gels also have a lemon flavor, so you don’t end up with the dreaded fish oil taste after taking your daily capsules.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega SoftGels

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