Belly Fat Impacting Your Confidence: Reduce It In a Few Weeks

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Don’t go on a starvation diet as starving yourself alerts your body to this. It then starts to store fat to tide it over this starvation period. The idea is change your eating habits and to eat healthily. Many people go on liquid diets to cleanse themselves out, but this is only effective when combined with a healthy diet. A liquid diet doesn’t give you the nutrients you need for lasting weight loss, so rather change your eating habits to fresh fruit and vegetables and lean protein instead.

Most of us love food and the sheer pleasure of eating, but alas, the first step towards reducing belly fat starts with this stuff we love – food. Now is the time to starting eating real foods from nature, instead of those processed foods packed with preservative and packed into boxes.

Eat more Protein

The reason why it is important to eat enough protein, is that fish, chicken and eggs provide you with energy. Your body needs to to do its job in digesting your food, to burn fat and to build muscle. Building muscle in turn burns this fat and speeds up metabolism.

Protein will also make you feel fuller for longer. Ensuring you consume less calories over this 2 week fat loss period!

Good Digestion

Speaking of digestion, make sure your digestive system is functioning optimally. Replace those processed grains with whole grains. Eat ‘real grains’ – foods packed with fiber. Replace whole-wheat bread with apples, flax, oatmeal, quinoa and a banana. Foods like this all help with digestion and ensure less fat deposition.

Quinoa for instance is an ancient grain packed full of protein, vitamin E, amino acids and phytosterols and we need to be eating a food such as this just because of its exceptional nutrition profile. In fact animals fed supplements with quinoa-seed extract had less body fat and a decreased appetite.

Eat Mindfully

It’s the 21st century, and there is scarcely time to think, let alone to prepare a meal and to sit down and savour it slowly and in peace. We’re living in a time of fast foods and on-the-go snacking. Gobbling down food causes gas, bloating, flatulence and poor digestion along with digestive problems such as heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease. This is when you get that burning stomach acid which rises into the esophagus.

Mindful eating is actually key to losing belly fat. Being aware of your food, chewing it slowly and swallowing it slowly will make you feel more satisfied when eating. The idea is to make time to eat, to enjoy the process of eating and to eat without any other distractions.

More Sleep – Less Stress

Did you know that too little sleep and too much stress also alerts your body to produce cortisol hormone? This hormone ‘warns’ your body to take action, to prepare and to store fat in your mid-section. Our bodies store this fat so that when there isn’t enough food, it can still be fuelled. Cortisol is produced by the body’s adrenal glands and it is released into the body in response to stress.

An excess of cortisol in the blood might be good for an emergency stressful situation, but no good when it circulates for a long periods of time. High blood sugar levels caused by this constant cortisol promotes the storage of fat in the abdomen. When you’re constantly stressful, you begin to see how the body accumulates fat in the belly.

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