Beat Holiday Stress With Mindfulness And Yoga With Michele Moten of Urban Solace

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MM: You should have enough space in your house or apartment where you can extend your arms and move freely. Your space should induce a sense of calm, whether it’s lighting a candle or dimming your light, you need to feel comfortable. You want to make sure you turn off all your electronic equipment. Put some soft music on and prepare to relax and set aside the stress every day.

CLS: What in-studio classes are offered at Urban Solace?

MM: We offer morning and evening classes along with different style classes. Everything from Yin (which is more slow poses more restorative) to our more popular classes like gentle flow class, which is a great beginning class, to power flow, which is more athletic. Our classes run like a semester series so you can come in at the beginning of the series or come in whenever you want. There’s usually anywhere from six to eight weeks, so again it’s manageable so that anyone can do something.

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