Beat Holiday Stress With Mindfulness And Yoga With Michele Moten of Urban Solace

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Michelle Moten | Urban Solace

With the holiday season upon us, stress can be a significant factor in our mood, productivity, and enjoyment of the season. To help prevent stress and holiday burnout, City.Life.Style. sat down with Michelle Moten of Urban Solace to get tips on the benefits of yoga and how mindfulness can help you manage the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

City.Life.Style: How did Urban Solace start?

Michelle Moten: Urban Solace was an offshoot of our corporate wellness programming, Wellness Urban Group, where we do health education and community fitness initiatives as well as corporate wellness. We started off with yoga on the riverfront, and this is our tenth year.

CLS: What does Urban Solace mean?

MM: The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. When you think about the urban setting and all the craziness in the news, people have a stigma surrounding urban life, and we’re are changing that. Urban Solace means peace. Finding people and peace wherever you are and that’s something we can all do. The goal is to find peace within.

CLS: What is yoga?

MM: There’s a big misconception. In the beginning, people think that yoga is a religion or a kind of cult when it’s really just a lifestyle. It’s also about awareness, not only the physical aspect of exercise but being aware of how you feel, listening to your body and not pushing yourself beyond your limits.

CLS: What advice would you give yoga newbies?

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