‘Bachelor In Paradise’s’ Krystal Nielson Wants To Know: ‘Glitter Goose’ Or ‘Christal’?

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The couple shared some of their favorite moments from the show, as Chris also talked about the time he knew that Krystal was “The One.”

“For me, it was our one-on-one date. We were dancing in the water, and she had this glow. She kept smiling, and I looked into her eyes and it was in that moment that it was the eyes of the woman I wanted to look into forever. One hundred percent.”

Krystal also talked about how she helped Chris at the beginning of the show, when she saw things could take a turn for the worst, detailed Glamour.

It turned out that the advice she gave Chris did a lot of good, including helping her see Chris for who he really is, and eventually falling in love with him.

“We talked about this early on. The way things were going, I had a feeling he was going to leave without friends and have a bad experience. [Because of that] I wanted to give him some advice…. He just stepped up and listened and applied the feedback. He got vulnerable…. Through his actions, he really won my heart over.”

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