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At-Home Arm Workout for Women

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A. Stand with ft wider than shoulder-width apart, a dumbbell in every hand at shoulder degree, beneath your chin.
B. Alternating one arm at a time, shortly punch the weights ahead, ensuring not to absolutely prolong the elbows. Maintain the core engaged and allow for a slight rotation within the torso with every punch.

Repeat for 20 seconds, shifting as quick as potential.

Hammer Curl

A. Stand with ft hip-width aside, holding a dumbbell in each hand by sides, palms dealing with in.
B. Curl weights as much as your shoulders, palms dealing with in. Slowly decrease again to beginning place.

Repeat for 1 minute slowly then shortly for 20 seconds.

Kickback Flip ‘n’ Pulse

A. Stand with ft wider than shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand, hinging ahead barely at the hips.
B. Preserving elbows tight to the physique, raise weights backward, extending arms.
C. At the prime of the motion, rotate wrists so palms face the ceiling and pulse weights up.
C. Reverse motion to return to beginning place.

Repeat for 1 minute.

Uppercut Jab Burnout

A. Perform 20 seconds of jabs adopted instantly by 20 seconds of uppercuts.

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