An ode to selfless love

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On using letters to take the story forward

This format just came to me. Frankly, I really like the idea of writing letters and all stuff like that. I find it really romantic and I thought in this era of social media and emails, it’ll be sweet to read something like that. I am glad that readers are liking and appreciating it.

On including the character Bobby, who personifies a true friend

The idea behind Bobby’s character was to give a message that we shouldn’t judge people because of their looks and the way they talk. Bobby is really a good human and that’s what Twisha realises. She selflessly cares for Twisha and is fun-loving. I think Bobby is a friend that everyone wants in life.

On continuing with the romantic genre

I want to explore all genres, including crime and horror. It’s just that right now these stories are stuck in my heart. And I don’t know about the sales, because I read books of all genres including non-fiction, historical and biographical books and have noticed that these genres sell well too.