An ode to selfless love

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On the enduring charm of old-school love as people still love Romeo Juliet or Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge for that matter

It’s just because they too like things that way. They too want someone to love them with that level of craziness. But the problem is, we often do mistake affection, attraction or infatuation as love. David is an example of selfless love. He also gave a strong message that one should talk. Everything is fair in love, even breaking the promises made if that can help save your relationship.

On David-Jasmine relationship being platonic

Love is not just about intimacy. It’s a feeling, a bond that is pure and divine and has no boundation, terms or conditions. I agree that everyone deep inside wants to be with the one they love but that shouldn’t be the condition.

On how Twisha changes after her Shimla visit

She had a misconception towards love. David’s story moves her and changes her perception towards love and relationships. At first she feels that it’s all waste of time and David is insane, but then with time she realises that it’s all for a reason and that love does exist. The voice of heart never tells lies.

On the importance of communication in love

Communication plays a very important role. Sitting and assuming things never really helps. Speaking out, talking and getting a clear picture is what really helps. David made Twisha learn this by giving the example of his own life. We don’t really want to make a move, especially girls. Frankly, if you ask me…I’ll say if I really like someone, I will not be shy in making the first move. People make it a big deal, although it’s very simple. People think what if the person rejects him or her, I say it’s ok! At least you got the clear picture. It’s better than sitting and assuming a series of what-Ifs. I believe whatever the situation is, talk and get it sorted.

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