An ode to selfless love

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Continuing with her tryst with romance, young writer Anamika Mishra has come up with her third novel, For The Sake Of Love (Westland). Well-structured, it has two love stories running parallel to each other. One involves David who loves Jasmine and writes to her continuously without ever receiving a reply. Then there is love blossoming between David’s grandson Alex and Twisha, who is visiting Shimla on an assignment. What is interesting is how the writer impresses through them the importance of selfless love, the need to be patient and, most importantly, opening up about one’s feelings.


On how the story came into being

A few years back, I met an old gentleman in a Shimla bookstore. I have a habit of interacting with locals while travelling, so we started talking and upon knowing that I am an author, he asked me if I wrote love stories? I said, yes, I do, and in fact, I am working on one. Then he said, I don’t know if it’s relevant to you or not but I’d like to tell you something, maybe you can use it in your book. I was like why not! He then shared a small incident of how he used to write to the girl he loved, when he was young and she never replied. My first reaction was, ‘that’s so rude!’ He then laughed and said, ‘maybe she had her own reasons!’ I was touched and instantly decided to weave a story. I asked him if I can use this to weave a plot for my next book and he replied, ‘the moment I shared this with you, it became yours. You can do whatever you want’. I have always believed that love should be selfless. You shouldn’t complain or demand, when in love. And this old man exactly gave me a perfect plot to explain this.

I didn’t ask his name, nor I remember his face clearly and I might not be able to recognise him if I stumble upon him, but I will always respect him for his beliefs. It’s hard to find guys like this!

On juxtaposing the two love stories

Jasmine and David’s kind of love is rare to find in this era. I wanted to revive the charm of old school love. Our generation is very impatient. We simply don’t want to wait which is wrong. Twisha’s story is of how our generation thinks about love and relationships and the story of David reminds how things should be! I also wanted to inspire readers on not giving up in between and holding on to things/people we love. We should trust our instincts and that’s all what ‘For The Sake Of Love’ is all about.

As an author I really like writing stories with juxtaposition. My first book Too Hard To Handle, too had a flashback and so did my second book VoiceMates. I feel it enhances the charm of the story. And I really like making things complicated, in my books of course.

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