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Along The Tracks Show 335 has The Trials of Cato’s “Hide & Hair” as our album of the week. Tracks from Joe Rose, Joe Matera and Owen Moore, plus tributes to Roy Bailey and Bill Caddick. Full Track list:
Trials Of Cato – Tom Paine’s Bones
Joe Matera – Waiting For The Sun
Joe Rose – Can’t Help Falling In Love
Lucas & King – Dancing To No Music
Willard Grant Conspiracy – Chasing Rabbits
Roy Bailey – History Lesson
Bill Caddick – John O’Dreams
Trials Of Cato – Difyrrwch
Owen Moore – I Turn To My Guitar
Tenderlore – Bittersweet
The Great Sea Choir – Golden Vanity
Beans on Toast – Good Health & Happiness
Trials Of Cato – The Drinkers
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