Age Recommendations and Hydration Tips

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Once your child is 12-months old, their milk intake will reduce, ideally to a maximum of 16 ounces per day.

At this stage, you may have established a routine involving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while introducing a variety of new foods. Due to the increased activity of your child, the reduced milk intake, and the varied food intake, water intake will naturally increase.

The CHOC Children’s hospital in Orange County, California recommends that a 1-year-old gets approximately one 8-ounce cup of water every day.

This amount increases each year. The number of 8-ounce cups an older child consumes each day should correspond with their age (up to a maximum of eight 8-ounce cups per day). For example, a two-year-old should consume two 8-ounce cups per day.

Staying hydrated can help your child have proper bowel movements and replenish any lost fluids.

For most children, all you need to do is provide frequent access to water and they will drink enough to meet their needs. If you seem to have trouble encouraging your child to consume water through a sippy cup, try these additional tips to ensure adequate hydration.

Encourage small, frequent sips

Offer small amounts of water throughout the day. Your child will be hydrated but not full from other fluids, which may affect their meal intake.

If you use diluted fruit juice, limit their intake to 4 ounces of pure juice per day.

Make fluids fun

Young kids seem to be intrigued by colors and shapes. You could use colorful cups and fun-shaped straws so that your little ones are excited about consuming water.

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