A Star is Born movie review: A heartbreakingly beautiful remake

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Some stories find a pulse with every generation of moviegoer. A Star Is Born is such a story. First made in 1937, remade in 1954 and 1976 and now in 2018 with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga reinterpreting the lead roles as they play an alcoholic musician and an aspiring singer respectively.

A Star is Born is a story about love, mentoring, and honesty in art. It’s about self-destruction, ambition, heartbreak, addiction and sacrifice. Above all, it’s beautiful, moving cinema with passionate storytelling and a breakthrough performance by American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga.

Cooper, who also directs, plays Jackson Maine, a successful country singer drenched in booze and substance abuse. One night, a chance meeting with bar singer Ally (Lady Gaga) changes their lives irrevocably. The night, which starts in a bar where Jackson hears Ally sing live, continues to another bar and then, in the unlikely setting of an all-night supermarket’s car park, he hears Ally sing an original song.

He’s smitten and soon gives her a platform to showcase her music. In turn, she becomes his support every time he collapses in an intoxicated heap. Even as her career begins to skyrocket, demons from Jack’s past pull him further and further down.

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