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Alex answers, ‘That’s how you know it’s good!’ ”

“My housemate Victor: I like dogs. I wish we could all have dogs. I wish we could be dogs.”

“Me screaming at a game of picnic bocce ball, ‘Game point is always the most interesting point!’ ”

Now whenever I pull out my phone to record a thought, I take physical notes and try to take a simultaneous mental note of why I am deciding to jot the thought down. Rather than letting phases of my life and evolutions in my daily note-taking reveal themselves to me years later, I am trying to actively observe my own habits as I pursue them in real time by regularly reflecting on them. If this switch does not bring about more control over my habits, than at least it may make me more present in my daily life. It is the little routines and bits of time that only, in the moment, seem to amount to a small fraction of the day that end up filling the bountiful 30 eight-and-a-half by 11 sheets of paper, or more.

Layla Chamberlin writes the Friday column on how routines create character and delineate personal politics.

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