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The first phrase I ever recorded was, “And don’t you forget it!” This one I can tell was inspired by a visit from my Aunt Beth. I have always admired my aunt for her audacious and wildly inappropriate sense of humor. She will often crack random bits of knowledge, passing thoughts or rhymes with the follow-up in the form of a mockingly stern “and don’t you forget it,” as if to clinch off the turd of wisdom with a salty snip.

Since early high school, I have been writing down words and phrases in the hope that they might upload to my long-term memory and infiltrate my daily vocabulary. After transcribing these phone notes to my computer, I learned that my now-several-years-old collection of words had amounted to 30 complete eight-and-a-half by 11 pages. I had been relentlessly collecting material for a dictionary void of meaning and order at the growth rate of a resistant toenail. To illustrate, here are an indelicate few:


“Look at you, you are out of control”

“I don’t want to break up a family”

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