7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 21

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As I take pleasure in my 40th yr on this planet, it’s an exciting time to look again and think of the various, many mistakes I’ve made alongside the best way. Ok, properly, perhaps I would not describe that as exciting, however it is definitely worthwhile to look again and take into consideration what I’ve discovered in my first 40 years on this planet. As young leaders graduate from school and prepare to take on the world, listed here are 7 issues I want I knew once I was 21 years previous:

1) It is a lot better to reside within the current than prior to now or future.

Dwelling up to now will fill you with remorse and melancholy, whereas dwelling sooner or later will fill you with nervousness and unrealistic expectations. I do know – I have been there. Plus, we really only have one selection, which is to reside within the here-and-now, and to be current with ourselves and with others. So, limit your looking-back and looking-forward activities rigorously, and for goodness sake, put your smartphone away.

2) Studying and writing sharpen the mind whereas TV information dulls it.

Nearly everyone I do know watches tv. I watch tv. However in the present day, I keep away from TV information at all costs- it’s sensational, biased and depressing. I want I hadn’t spent so many hours in my twenties and thirties watching dumb TV. As an alternative, I wanted I might spent that point reading and writing. Now, I read and write more than ever before, and it’s undoubtedly made me a better thinker.

three) Listening is rather more influential than talking.

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