7 Easiest Ways To Make A Friend Fall In Love With You

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It’s not uncommon for people to fall in love for their close friends, but if you’ve fallen for one of your friends, getting that same friend to fall for you in return can be a challenge. While there’s no way to guarantee a change in someone else’s feelings, there are a few things you can do to increase the odds of making a friend fall in love with you. For instance, dropping hints about your feelings, becoming a shoulder to lean on, and knowing when to back off can all encourage your friend to start viewing you in a more romantic context.

1. Attempt to become their best friend. Not just any other friend, become someone that they couldn’t live without, someone who listens to all their problems and always helps out when times get hard. You need to establish a connection like no other, something that neither of you could live without. Becoming fast friends is all about giving her a sense of trust. If she trusts you, she’ll be more likely to give you chance when it comes to love.

  • Open up. Tell her about yourself: your dreams, wishes, and sorrows. It’s possible for love to grow where there previously wasn’t any, but she has to think of you as a person with real goals, successes, and problems instead of just a friend. The more she’s able to see parts of you that others don’t see, the better off you’ll be.
  • Make the person feel special. Let her know that she is someone’s friend — your friend — and that you value her in a unique way. Compliment her for her company and for being there when you needed her, times when you felt sad and all alone. Show appreciation for the comfort the person offers you and for making you smile. Always dream with her, build with her, and always cheer her on and encourage her.>>>READ MORE

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