5 surprising reasons you’re not losing weight

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At its simplest, losing weight is pretty straightforward. Eat fewer calories than you burn every day and your body will use stored energy for fuel, causing a reduction in body weight.

Unfortunately in practice, it is somewhat more complicated due to various factors of modern-day life.

Here are a few possible reasons you are not able to lose weight right now.

1. You sit too much

Back in the day we had jobs that required real physical effort. Now most of us sit at desks and fiddle with computer keyboards all day long. Small wonder our bodies aren’t in great shape.

Enter exercise!

A man-made activity designed to add in some of the physical effort our bodies require for optimum health. The bottom line here is that you need to be doing 30 minutes of hard physical activity (preferably strength-related) at least five days per week. This will speed up your metabolism and put some muscles on your bones.

Muscle burns calories, so you’ll burn more fat.

2. You worry too much

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Stress is unbelievably bad for weight loss because of the hormonal issues it causes in your body.

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