5 Signs You’re Moving Too Fast In Your Relationship And How To Pump The Breaks

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It’s been 3 intense weeks together with this man you’re dating and you can see yourself marrying him. You’ve spent every waking moment talking, texting and going on romantic dates. Everything just feels right. But when you come up for air, your logical mind kicks in and you question your feelings. Are you moving too fast?

You may have heard stories of couples who met on Friday and got married on Sunday and they’re still together 20 years later. My own love story happened quickly: 11 months after I met my husband, we got married. But there are times when a relationship moves too fast because you’re getting caught up in the feelings of falling in love and you’re not taking the time to build a solid foundation to make it last.

Check out these 5 signs that you need to pump the breaks and slow your new relationship down a bit.

Sign #1: He tells you “I’ve never felt this way before.”

I dated a guy who declared his love for me and claimed that I was his wife within the first week of us dating. He told me “I’ve never felt this way before!” and at first, I thought he was just opening his heart and being vulnerable with me. After enduring an emotional roller coaster with this man filled with cheating, lying, and heartbreak, it became apparent that he was emotionally unstable and not ready for the realities of a relationship. To this man, “I’ve never felt this way” was a sign that he was addicted to the good times in a relationship, but unable to deal with the inevitable challenges that come with love.

If you’re the one falling head over heels for him, I want you to pay attention to the emotional triggers that allow you to fall hard and fast for a man. Some common ones include loneliness and chronic stress. When you’re always working and feeling burnt-out and bored with your life, the thrill of falling in love can make you feel alive again! Pay attention to these triggers so that you’re not caught up because you’re dissatisfied with your life.

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