5 reasons why we’re still obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians

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The dumpling scene

Our final memorable reason for loving Crazy Rich Asians has to be this scene. Amidst the glitz and glamour, we see a laid-back moment for the Young family. Rachel sees firsthand how this family works hard to keep their history and heritage alive.

It was also a chance to learn more about everyone from the matriarch of the family to Rachel herself. No matter who you are, it feels like a reminder of being young and prepping meals with grandma while listening to old family tales. (Hopefully, with less tension though between each other — as we witness between Rachel and Eleanor.)

And maybe it’s just us, but now we want to learn how to make dumplings and create those perfect pouches. We want to sit around with our family and friends and learn about each other’s culture. Basically, we want to recreate this scene for ourselves!

Honestly, we have so many reasons to be obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians. And we really believe that over the next year, this fandom will continue to grow, especially as new people discover the books, the movie, and we learn even more about the sequel.