5 reasons why we’re still obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians

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We can’t imagine any other cast making this story work better. In fact, we would love to have Rachel Chu or Goh Peik Lin (Wu and Awkwafina respectively) as our friends, helping us with our love lives and inspiring us to be better people.

The setting

Is there anything more beautiful than the scenery we saw in Crazy Rich Asians? From the Singapore skyline, to the beautiful beaches and impressive mansions that are palaces in their own right, every setting in this movie is as important as the romance itself.

Every time we watch, we instantly wish we were there, indulging in luxurious meals, wandering the city, visiting the bustling street market, or just relaxing on the beach. Every single place we saw was spectacular, and if we could drop everything and travel the world, we know Singapore would have to be our first stop.

As fans of the film, we know the incredible scenery is one reason we can’t stop watching over and over again. (And since there is already a sequel in the works, we bet the setting will reel us back in once again.)

The music

The fact that Crazy Rich Asians offered both American and Chinese music was creatively on point and fascinating for those of us who have yet to listen to the mix of Chinese artists on the soundtrack. The film is all about representation, and while the cast and even the setting gave that to us, nothing cemented it more than the opening music. Hearing “Waiting for Your Return” covered by Jasmine Chen done in Mandarin was goosebump-inspiring.

And as we mentioned before during the wedding scene, there was “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” which moved us to tears. Music is such a powerful way to connect people to a film’s story and Crazy Rich Asians did this effortlessly.

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