5 Physical Changes You Should Not Ignore

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However, if you have had any recent major physical changes, such as a pregnancy or are recovering from a surgery, hair can thin out as your body focuses all its energies on helping you heal, which takes away from its ability to produce the cells that help your hair grow at its usual rate.

Changes with your skin

Dry skin could be due to your body not being properly hydrated, or a more serious issue such as a problem with your thyroid, which would need to be tested by a doctor.

Valdez also advises seeing your doctor if you notice pink patches on your legs, particularly near the ankles. Patches of pink which do not cause itching or discomfort are called venous stasis dermatitis, and are a sign of circulation issues. 

If skin bruises easily, or if bruises take too long to heal, this could mean that you are having a clotting issue that may also require testing.