5 Physical Changes You Should Not Ignore

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If you unexpectedly lose weight, Valdez recommends visiting your doctor for blood tests to check for a deficiency, blood sugar problems, or thyroid issues, as weight loss can be a sign of problems such as diabetes.

If a person with diabetes notices that they are losing weight, their blood sugar levels might not be within healthy ranges, or it might suggest other complications.

Changes in bowel movements

Frequent stomach aches or changes in the bowels could be a sign that you have developed an intolerance to a certain food, says Valdez, or they may be caused by stress or anxiety. Sometimes when you are extremely anxious, you may eat or drink foods that are less healthy for you, she explains, which can irritate the lining of your stomach or even change your bowel movements.

Bowel habits also can change if you have been on antibiotics, as the medication can kill off the good bacteria that help keep your gut flora balanced. Taking probiotics can help replace that good bacteria.

Thinning hair

If you feel like your hair is thinning and falling out excessively, this, like weight loss, could signal an issue with your thyroid, says Valdez, or a sign of vitamin or nutritional deficiency.

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