5 Carbs That Will Help You Burn Fat Quicker, According To Nutritionists

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Carbs can and should be your friends. In fact, you need them to help shed belly fat. Everyone needs carbohydrates in their diets and the right ones will actually help you slim down the extra weight in your middle. So let’s think about adding more “good” carbs to our diets in an effort to help reduce and prevent body fat. Good carbs, also known as slow carbs, are rich in fiber so they release energy into the blood stream slowly and help you avoid spikes in insulin and blood sugar. The fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer so you don’t go town on snacks between meals. Here are ones we adore!

Whole Grains A prime way to eat fiber is through whole grains like brown rice, barley and bulgur, which are also low in carbs. “Fiber helps to boost metabolism,” says Brooke Zigler, a registered dietician in Austin, Texas. “Your body has a tough time digesting high fiber foods which means you burn calories while trying to get the job done,” she says. Plus, fiber actually absorbs calories and fat from other foods before they show up in unwanted areas of your body. Boom. Weight loss. Refined carbs like the ones in your favorite pastas have little nutritional value. This can cause a rise and fall in your blood sugar, which then drives you to search out more unhealthy foods and eat them ravenously. Always choose whole-grain varieties labeled “100% whole grain” or “100% whole wheat”.

carbs help fat lossFruits

If you want to modify your diet and scale back on carbs, it’s important that the carbs you do keep eating are nutrient dense. “Although they may not be the foods that immediately come to mind when planning a low-carb diet, fruits fit in,” says Rebecca Lewis, a dietician at HelloFresh. Add naturally low-carb fruits to meals throughout the day and use them for naturally sweet snacks. Berries have the highest amount of fiber and the lowest amount of sugar of all the fruits. Go heavy on raspberries and blackberries. They have the highest fiber content of all berries. Melons, specifically watermelon and honeydew, rank as some of the lowest carbs per serving, says Lewis. Plus they have the highest water content of all melons to keep your body hydrated and feeling satisfied.

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