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3. Candy is always a given, as is flowers, right? Wrong. Candy should not be a stand-alone gift. For the most part it screams you didn’t put much thought into it. Candy is at best an accessory gift. Furthermore, beware of those assorted heart boxes of chocolate. They very well may contain a gift-wrapped trip the emergency room if its loaded with things she is allergic to. Lastly, I know it may be hard to believe, but all women don’t like candy nor chocolate.

4. Household appliances are awesome. There are many women that love these different gadgets for many reasons, but not for Valentine’s Day. Let’s not be petty buying her a vacuum cleaner. Are you sending the message she should clean more? If so, this isn’t the right time, and it’s guaranteed to blow up in your face. Many women, like myself, love cooking and cooking gadgets. However, I don’t want to see one as a Valentine’s Day gift.

There is no need to go for broke to she her you love her on Valentine’s Day. However, you want to find gifts that personify who she is, and what she loves. Just as women are urged not to be lazy and buy a man socks…the same rules apply. If you are going to deal in the holiday put some real thought and effort into it. This could save you from creating a rift in your relationship when that should be the last thing happening.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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