3 Zodiac Signs That Take The Longest To Fall In Love

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You don’t like putting yourself out there and engaging in the “vulnerability of love,” says Mitz. It’s in your nature to be wary of other people’s intentions and motives, so that holds you back a little from diving into love headfirst. You want to feel someone out to get to see what their true character is before you can allow yourself to fully love them.

In addition to being a little suspicious of people, you also want to find a relationship that will work in your benefit, beyond fulfilling you emotionally.

“Capricorns are quite practical in their choice,” Mitz says. “They want a partner who will boost their status in some way.” You’re naturally inclined to be one half of a power couple.


You’re known to bring energy and excitement to groups of people, and you like the feeling of a community. Mitz says that you’re “loving, but impersonal.”

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