3 Ways to Be Super Productive Starting Right Now

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Put an equipment replacement plan in place and do your best to follow it. Keep Moore’s Law in mind, which roughly states that computer chips will double in performance every two years. You’ll need to keep up with the pace of technological change to make sure your teams can achieve strong performance as time goes by.

There are many affordable options that can keep you going without cutting into your budget. Products like Dell’s 2-in-1 laptop and the Latitude 7285 Productivity Keyboard can have you working smarter while on-the-go.

To minimize interruptions, consider adding a second monitor to your workstation. A recent IDC study says a second monitor boosted productivity 18 percent, with 91 percent of users saying they were more satisfied with a dual monitor configuration.

Not only do dual monitors reduce switching between screens, more information can be displayed in front of you, helping you locate information much more quickly. To maximize viewing comfort, consider a dual monitor stand from Dell, which includes multi-adjustment capabilities such as tilt, swivel and horizontally slide.

Pay close attention to how your devices are operating throughout this time and tweak your plan to ensure you replace before slowdowns occur.

3. Have a routine.

To make your routine most effective, take a serious look at how you’re spending your day. Go hour by hour, recognizing when you experience distractions, and work toward eliminating them.

Then, if you’re most productive when you first arrive, set the first hour or two of the day aside for checking items off your to-do list, scheduling meetings for after that time.

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