25 Couple Yoga Poses To Make You Feel Healthier And Get You Ready For The New Year

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With the base lying on his stomach, the flyer will stand over the base’s hips, facing the same direction as the base is facing. The base will slowly extend his arms backward as the flyer latches her hands onto his. She will slowly lean backward, curving her back and lifting the base’s chest off the ground. 

18. Thick Tree Poses.

Both partners will start in a tree pose, standing side by side, making sure to have the opposite leg lifted against your inner thigh. 

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19. Twin Warrior Poses. 

Each partner will begin doing the Warrior pose behind one another. Both partners should extend their hands so they touch just above one another’s head.

20. Forearm Standing Pose.

While the flyer is doing a forearm stand, the base should stand with his arms parallel to each other on either side of the flyer’s feet. Switch positions so you both can enjoy this pose.

21. Star Pose.

The base should lie on his back with his legs and hands up in the sky. The flyer will start standing over the head of the base, facing him, and connect hands. The flyer will then place her shoulders onto the base’s feet and jump with her hips and legs up in the air while pushing into her partner’s hands to find balance. 

22. Mono Plank. 

Both the flyer and base will start off in the Bird position. The flyer will slowly extend one of her legs to the air shifting her weight. Once the flyer is stable, the base will slowly put his free leg down. 

23. Foot to Foot. 

Start in the Bird position. The base should slowly guide the flyer into the Chair position, her sitting on the base’s feet. The flyer will then connect one foot at a time with the base’s feet while keeping her arms extended the entire time.

Helpful tip: The base should drop his legs to help the flyer connect feet. Once the flyer is in a sturdy position with feet connected, the base should slowly straighten his legs. 

24. Hold the Throne. 

The base should begin on his back, with both hands in the sky facing up. The flyer will take one hand and one foot from opposite sides and slowly place them into the base’s hands. Once balanced, the flyer should slowly lift her free leg and extend it to be parallel to the base’s body and point her free arm straight up.

25. The Box.

The base should lie on his back with both arms and legs stretched upward. The flyer should stand at the base’s head and slowly place her feet into his hands while using the base’s feet to balance on. Once in a steady position, slowly angle yourself to create a ninety-degree angle. 

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