25 Couple Yoga Poses To Make You Feel Healthier And Get You Ready For The New Year

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Couple yoga is a great way to stay fit and connect with your partner spiritually.

As the holidays come and go, many people decide that working out will be their New Year’s resolution. However, most do not follow up with their resolution and fall back into their old routines.

Does this sound like you? If it does, maybe it’s time to try couples yoga!

In general, yoga is a great way to keep you focused and stress-free in your life. Couples yoga is an activity that both of you guys can do and will make exercising enjoyable rather than a chore.

It is a great way to start your health kick this new year and bring you closer to your partner.

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Couples yoga requires you to depend on your significant other for most positions, creating more intimacy between you two. Being close with one another while you are hot and sweaty is a very vulnerable thing to do. If you trust your partner to hold you up in a yoga position, you can be sure that they are someone you can trust for the long haul. 

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