20 Things All Women Think About At The Beginning Of A Relationship That Scare Men Off |

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How a relationship starts off is often critical to how it’s shaped for the remainder of time together. There’s no exact amount of time it’s supposed to take for a couple to hit it off—since it’s different in every relationship. Although the expert estimates it takes about the first three months. They also mention that this period is usually the best. It doesn’t have a lot of the problems that plague relationships later on. Instead, two people can focus simply on getting to know each other and falling in love.

As perfect as that sounds though, it’s not always the case for new couples. The first 90 days can be really challenging for a relationship to get underway. In many instances, it ends with the guy getting cold feet. In the aftermath of the failed relationship, she’s left wondering what she could’ve done to prevent things from falling apart. On the other hand, she might not feel she did anything wrong. In reality, guys pick up on a lot more than they lead on. Even if she didn’t outwardly do anything really obvious that would turn him off, he’d run if he sensed anything was up. Here’s what a woman thinks early on in a relationship that a man can sense from a mile away.

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