15 Creepy Thoughts Every Man Has When On A Date With A Hot and Sexy Girl |

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As shallow as it may sound, we are generally more interested in dating people that are as attractive or more attractive than us. When it comes to love, well, that’s another topic completely. A lot of people end up falling in love with someone that they didn’t find initially attractive. Yet, to a lot of men, it is extremely satisfying knowing that the woman they are dating (or even just on a date with) is hot. Men feel proud to be seen with a hottie around their arm.

For most women, we sometimes prefer to have the upper hand in the looks department. That is, if looks even matter to us when we’re looking for a well suited partner. Normally, being the better looking partner is a bit of a confidence boost. If you’re the hotter one, you usually don’t have to worry about little insecurities like whether you’re good enough for you’re BF/GF or if they’re going to eventually leave you for someone more attractive.

Men don’t usually have these thoughts though. When it comes to dating a hotter woman, guys frequently think of it as a blessing. Here are some of the creepy thoughts every man has when he is on a date with a hot woman.

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