13 Life Lessons Students Can’t Learn from a Book

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Should you make it by way of 4 years of high school with out taking a “psychological well being day” you’ve missed one thing fantastic. Faculty is necessary. There are issues extra necessary, like freedom and riot. Go watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

6. No actually does mean no.

This is not a place for confusion or grey area. “In case you are unsure if someone needs you to the touch/kiss/sleep with them,” I inform my students, “ask outright.” Something aside from a clear and enthusiastic “yes” means “no.”

7. Cheating is dangerous.

Get away with it or not, cheating erodes your sense of self-worth, your integrity, and your character. Dangerous grades aren’t as dangerous as turning your self into a liar.

eight. Grammar is necessary.

There = the place. Their = possession. They’re = They are. Your = possession. You’re = you’re.

9. Cash isn’t every little thing.

Your life and profession objectives shouldn’t revolve solely around money regardless of how many people inform you it should. Doing what you like to do will convey you happiness. Doing what you don’t like to do and getting paid extra will only deliver you extra money.

10. Overachieving is overrated.

A “B” shouldn’t be a nasty grade. It is a excellent grade.

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