10 Ways You Can Avoid the Gym and Easily Still Lose Weight

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9. Don’t eat on the go

We know, you’re strapped for time. But sitting down to eat your lunch will take, what, 10 minutes? And even if you eat the exact same thing you’d eat while walking to your next destination, you’ll automatically end up eating significantly less food (including junk food) at subsequent meals, suggests recent research from the University of Surrey in the U.K. Besides distracting you to keep your brain from registering when your stomach’s full, eating while walking may make you (perhaps subconsciously) feel like it’s OK to overeat later. So, yeah, those 10 minutes could really benefit your weight-loss efforts in the long run.

10. Drink more water

Everybody says you need to drink more water, but staying hydrated may really help make calorie control about more than the power of the wills. For instance, in one Obesity study, people who drank about 16oz of water 30 minutes before their meals lost about 9lbs over the course of 12 weeks. Meanwhile, those who simply imagined before a meal that their stomach was already full lost about 6lbs. Plus, all “drinking to feel full” aside, staying hydrated helps to optimize all of your body functions so that the weight does come off, Mass says.

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