10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

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Whether you’ve been dating your partner for six months or have been married to him or her for five years, relationships are created from commitment and are continued due to mutual respect and effort. To say your connection is special would be an understatement—and to not wish to enhance it would be unfortunate.

While every relationship is different, no relationship is perfect. By doing these 10 things to improve your bond, you’ll ensure a quality relationship with your partner, and also prove you’re determined to work for one.

1. Ask your partner something new

Communication is the determining factor of success for every relationship. It’s nice to ask how your partner’s day went, but it’s boring when you ask over and over again. Enhance your conversation by putting in the extra effort to question your significant other on something more specific. Through this adjusted approach, you avoid falling into routine and begin holding more meaningful discussions.

2. Designate a monthly date night

Amid your busy schedules and nonstop responsibilities, the foolproof way to guarantee you make time for each other is to set a night every month dedicated to doing just that. Regardless whether you’re looking to spice up your relationship or wanting an activity that doesn’t include Netflix, the commitment to go on a date is one night—but the happiness that comes from it will last much longer.

3. Express your appreciation

The comfort that a relationship brings is the reason we tend to overlook what our partners do and treat their acts of kindness with expectation instead. To put it honestly, your partner doesn’t have to fill your gas tank or buy your favorite ice cream—he or she chooses to, and your acknowledgment of this effort will reinforce your partner to be thoughtful and remind you to feel thankful.

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