10 signs you’ve found ‘the one’

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Love and marriage are special, so the man you marry should be, too.

You know you’ve found someone special when you’ve found the kind of man who has some, all or most of the qualities on this list:

1. He makes you feel relaxed

You don’t have to be ‘on’ around him. You’re able to just be yourself. You’re comfortable crying in front of him, yelling in front him and having quiet moments. He’s seen the good, the bad, the hung-over … and he still loves you.

2. He makes you happy

He makes you smile more than you frown. When you’re with him, you’re really, really happy. He treats you like a queen and does everything he can to make you happy.

3. You’re attracted to him

You find yourself beyond attracted to him. Sometimes you look at him and you think: “He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but to me, he’s gorgeous”.

4. He’s loyal

Your future husband should be loyal and 400% committed to you. He should have eyes only for you. You never have to worry about him being unfaithful, because he’s all yours.

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