10 Pictures Of Dogs In Love That’ll Melt Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

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4Two Is Better Than One

What’s better than one Labrador? Two, of course. Seeing dogs show some love in friendship, further relays how awesome of animals they are. They really are such gems with so much love to give and receive.

5Snoozing And Swooning

Ugh, this sleeping beauty doesn’t even have to do much to make onlookers swoon. Sleeping or wide awake, dogs have no choice but to give us the feels. If we could, we’d stare at them all day just so we wouldn’t risk missing anything cute. Being cute is practically inevitable for them.

6That Un-bark-able Bond

Cuteness overload doesn’t even begin to describe these snoozing pups. The only thing better than getting puppy kisses is seeing them lay a few on each other. You always know it’s coming from the sweetest part of their hearts.

7Love At First Bite

Clearly, this dog doesn’t have a problem with getting an earful, and it is one of the most lighthearted things to look at this Valentine’s Day. Somebody get these two a heart-shaped bone, ASAP. It doesn’t get any cuter than this.

8The Pawfect Strangers

You know, that whole meeting a stranger and quickly falling in love with them idea might be overplayed in the human world, but it is everything in the pup world. Once those noses touch, you know you just witnessed a perfect stranger scenario. That will never get old.

9That Furever Kind Of Love

Hugs and kisses? These dogs need to be on a calendar, so that we can learn to express even an ounce of this kind of love year-round. Like, how is your heart able to remain in your chest right now?

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