10-Month-Old Baby Weighs 62 Pounds Due To Mysterious Weight Gain Condition

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A 10-month-old Mexican baby is suffering from a rare weight gain condition making him weigh as much as an average nine-year-old. Luis Manuel Gonzales weighs 62 pounds and doctors are unable to explain the mystery behind his excessive weight. 

At the time of birth, the toddler weighed a perfectly normal 8 pounds but after two months he weighed 22 pounds, sparking concerns about his health. The baby’s mother Isabel Pantoja, 24, from Colima, Mexico, expressed her concerns Sunday as she spoke to Daily Mail about her son’s condition that has left the doctors baffled. 

“I thought it was because I had good breast milk,” Isabel said, adding it was later revealed her son was suffering from a rare weight gain condition that has the baby now dwarf his brother Mario, who is nearly three years old.

Lius’ father, who works at a local juice plant and is fit and well, gets exhausted by carrying the toddler, and the family have to take turns to push him in a decrepit stroller when they take him to a nearby hospital for tests.

Mario Gonzales lifts his ten-month-old baby Luis at their home in Tecoman, Colima state, Mexico on Nov. 8, 2017. Photo: Getty Images

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