10 expert tips on growing tall and beautiful delphiniums

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Its round this time of yr when delphiniums start to stand tall and proud as they bloom amongst our borders. With their vibrant colors and bold heights, these are definitely a flower we look ahead to seeing every year.

Chief horticultural advisor from RHS Wisley, Man Barter, shares his prime care ideas.

Growing and planting

  • There are two ways to begin your delphinium journey – by means of seed elevating and through propagation by chopping.
  • Barter prefers chopping a shoot in spring as opposed to elevating seeds each time as this is extra more likely to end in lovely, tall flowers.
  • In the event you favor to plant seeds, make sure that they are recent – Delphinium Societies are an excellent place to buy.
  • For optimal outcomes, it’s best to grow them like cabbages and have a dedicated patch with very fertile (barely alkaline) soil, numerous sun and water.
  • It is rather necessary to maintain delphiniums always moist and to not let the plant dry out – this might trigger mildew to develop which may damage the plant.
The Anneka Rice Colour Cutting Garden. Designed by: Sarah Raven. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017. BBC Feel Good Garden

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